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ADVICE - Get Expert Workplace Advice within 4 Business Hours

Are you an Employer looking for expert workplace advice to comply with the Fair Work Act 2009 (Cth) and protect your business?

Are you a HR Professional seeking expert workplace guidance before implementing a new policy or terminating an employee?

Membership allows you to obtain specialist advice from a dedicated Workplace Lawyer throughout the year to better manage your workplace.


Members receive specialist advice, assistance and information from our workplace lawyers and industrial relations specialists which cover a wide range of workplace relations matters, including:

  • The National Employment Standards (NES), which cover:

    • maximum weekly hours of work
    • requests for flexible working arrangements
    • parental leave
    • annual leave
    • personal / carer’s leave and compassionate leave
    • community service leave
    • long service leave
    • public holidays
    • notice of termination and redundancy pay

  • Modern Award interpretation
  • Minimum rates of pay, penalty rates and allowances for your employees
  • Employment Agreements and Contracts
  • Enterprise Agreements and Award Flexibility Agreements
  • Other Conditions of Employment
  • Standing Down Employees from Work
  • Record Keeping Requirements
  • Managing Poor Employee Performance
  • Termination of Employment and Resignation
  • Sexual Harassment
  • Unfair Dismissal
  • Unlawful Termination
  • Transfer of Business Issues
  • Right of Entry
  • Restraints of Trade and Confidentiality Clauses
  • Workplace Policies and Procedures
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