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DOCUMENTATION - Customised Workplace Documentation Available 24 / 7

Members have UNLIMITED ACCESS to the following online employment contracts and documents that can be customised by you for immediate use within your business, 24 HOURS A DAY - 7 DAYS A WEEK.



  • Offer of Employment Letter
  • Basic Employment Agreement
  • Full-Time Employment Agreement
  • Part-Time Employment Agreement
  • Part Time Pattern of Work Notification
  • Casual Employment Agreement
  • Senior Manager Level Employment Agreement
  • Deed of Confidentiality and Restraint of Trade
  • Contractor Agreement
  • Award Flexibility Agreement
  • Enterprise Agreement Pack

General Documents

  • Pay Slip Template
  • Extension of Probationary Period
  • Confirmation of New Position
  • Confirmation of Revised Remuneration
  • Confirmation of Change of Employment Status
  • Leave Request Form
  • Parental Leave Notification
  • Agreement to Cash Out Annual Leave
  • Notice of Annual Shut Down
  • Direction to take Annual Leave
  • Time Off In Lieu Agreement
  • Request for Flexible Working Arrangements
  • Pay Deductions Authorisation – Fixed Amount
  • Pay Deductions Authorisation – Ongoing Amount
  • Salary Sacrifice Agreement – Motor Vehicle
  • Training Reimbursement Agreement
  • Incident Report
  • Official Meeting Confirmation
  • Warning Letter
  • Confirmation of Verbal Warning Issued
  • Performance Improvement Plan
  • Extended Unpaid Sick Leave Letter
  • Inherent Requirements Show Cause Letter
  • Suspension of Employment Letter
  • Show Cause Letter
  • Statement of Service
  • Transfer of Business Letter
  • Policies and Procedures Manual

Termination Documents

  • Confirmation of Verbal Resignation Letter
  • Termination Letter – With Notice
  • Termination Letter – Notice Paid Out
  • Termination Letter – Serious Misconduct
  • Redundancy Manual
  • Proposed Redundancy Letter
  • Redundancy Letter – Small Business Employer
  • Redundancy Letter – General
  • Abandonment of Employment Letter
  • Deed of Settlement and Release

Members can also use their Advice Credits to arrange for us to draft unique and customised documents that are not included in the above lists

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