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REPRESENTATION – Defend your Business from Workplace-Related Claims

Fair Work Centre can provide Members with representation from our workplace lawyers and industrial relations specialists in relation to all unfair dismissal and underpayment of wage claims made by former employees against their business.


Each year there are more than 15,000 unfair dismissal / unlawful termination claims made by employees against their former employers across Australia, and these claims usually cost employers thousands of dollars in legal fees and compensation paid to employees.

The maximum compensation that can be awarded to an employee for unfair dismissal under the Fair Work Act 2009 is six (6) months' wages - which is capped at approximately $137,000.00 (this amount is indexed on 1 July each year) - and this in itself can cause significant financial hardship to any business, regardless of size.


In the year ending June 2015, the Fair Work Ombudsman recouped more than $22.3 million from employers for the benefit of 11,613 underpaid employees across Australia.

In the same financial year, the Fair Work Ombudsman prosecuted a number of employers resulting in penalties being imposed on employers of more than $2.3m.

Fair Work Centre can provide your business with specialist representation for all Unfair Dismissal / Unlawful Termination telephone conferences held by the Fair Work Commission and / or communication with the Fair Work Ombudsman to resolve any underpayment of wage claims made against your business.


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